Michael has a scholarly interest in the English Novel from

Jane Austen to Margaret Atwood.

This period includes the transition from Classicism, to Romanticism, to Modernism and its Posts.

One characteristic of this literary novel is the relationship between the literature of ideas and the history of ideas.

In Philosophy, consider a parallel in the transition from Kant, to Hegel, to Nietzsche, to Derrida.

In Theology, consider a parallel in the transition from Deism, to Theism, to Atheism, to Agnosticism.

To varying degrees, each author of a literary novel is historicized and historicizing. They interact with, and occasionally react against, the spirit of their age.

Essentially, readers are looking at the author looking.

Sometimes readers cannot see what the author sees.

Sometimes authors cannot see what the reader sees.


Literature and Religion


Jewish and Christian Relations

Hawaiian History


1983-1986 BA, 1988-1989 MLitt

University of New England

1986-1989 BTh

Sydney College of Divinity, St Paul's Seminary

1990-1992 PhD

University of Western Australia