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Jane Austen: The Woman on the £10 Note (now available from Amazon)

The Jane Austen phenomenon is remarkably enduring. Throughout the world, it is found within secondary schools, tertiary institutions, literary societies and popular culture. Most Austen societies are in the non-English speaking world, making her a global icon. A new book about her seems to appear each week, along with more essays, theses, blogs and vlogs. From the beginning of her publishing career, Austen was unique. Some of her early readers were prescient enough to consider her alongside Shakespeare. She has been read, over the generations, as an exemplary explorer of character and motivation, the power of dialogue and indirect speech, the nature of love, the praxis of social mores, the protagonist’s capacity for self-awareness, or ability to change and grow, and what was once called the human condition. #janeausten #janeasutenfan

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